Since Memorial Day is the official beginning of summer it is a great time to plan a big party.  This is like the summer kick off and the kids know they will soon be out of school.

But we must take a moment to reflect on why we really celebrate this day. It was started after the Civil War in honor of the Union and Confederate soldiers who did in the Civil War. Now of course it is a day that we honor all Americans that have died serving in the military. And we decorate with the flag in a similar way to the Fourth of July. Memorial Day is always celebrated on the last Monday of May. Make sure you remember to fly your flag.

So what are some good party ideas?  Get the recipe for this cool drink at



If the weather is warm enough in your part of the country everyone always loves to grill outside and just have hamburgers and hot dogs. Homemade potato salad is always a favorite and for desert I got this at:



Decorate much like you would for the Fourth of July with red, white and blue. Have the table cloth and plates in this color scheme. And the big red cups that we all use and love fit right in.

I always make this party a family party and start around 3:00 because the next day is a school day. If I am going to do it in the evening then have the party on Sunday so no one has to get up early the next day.

When I was a kid this was the weekend that the pool always opened and there would be a big party at the pool. My parents would plan to meet a lot of the family friends there and we kids would have a great time playing, eating and getting in the pool. Another place to have a party like this is your local park or at the beach. Just depends on where you live and what the weather is like. I only hope it is warm for everyone this year after the winter we have had. Well start planning now it will bring some excitement to you.